Oil Pumps

Oil Pumps


It is said that the oil pump is the heart of the engine . And when it comes to the heart, would you prefer a good one or one you aren't sure about? I think we would all choose the former.

This is why Partsologists recommend you install a reliable pump from DNJ Engine Components.

Whether you are a professional installer and want to keep your customers happy or you're a Do It Yourself-er working from home, you'll be satisfied with the peace of mind that comes from such a trusted brand.

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that oil pumps are responsible for pumping oil through the engine. But why is it often compared to a heart? Well, just as blood is essential for the body, oil is essential for the engine.

There are many moving metal parts within an engine that move at high speeds with forces that are strong enough to put a vehicle into motion. Can you imagine what would happen if these metal parts made contact with one another without lubrication? Metal would destroy metal and the engine would probably explode.

Partsologists use a complicated mathmatical formula to explain it better:

No Oil = No Engine

Now that we've established the importance of oil in an engine, the pump's job is to ensure that pol reaches all areas of the engine that need lubrication. When this part fails or does not create enough pressure, it's time to perform emergency surgery.

At Partsology, we chose to carry DNJ Oil Pumps which have been trusted for decades due to their quality components and reliability. You can't go wrong with a DNJ pump, and at Partsology, it'll be shipped with lighting speed.

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