Volkswagen Engine Rebuild Kits

Volkswagen Engine Rebuild Kits

Do you have a Volkswagen that is having engine issues? Have the pistons been damaged, or have the engine bearings been worn out? Whatever the case may be, Partsology has the Volkswagen engine rebuild kit that you need to get your vehicle running like brand new. Here at we provide the highest quality Volkswagen engine rebuild kits in the industry with lightning fast next day shipping. Simply select your vehicle, order your kit, and get back on the road in no time!

Engine Rebuild Kits For Volkswagen Vehicles

There are two options for Volkswagen engine rebuild kits here at Partsology. Our first engine rebuild kit includes the pistons and rings, engine bearings, freeze plugs, and a full sealing set that your Volkswagen needs in order to run like new. This set is perfect if there is some natural wear and tear on your engine and a replacement needs to be done before problems become more serious. This is also the engine rebuild kit that you want for your Volkswagen if your timing belt is still in good working order.

Complete Volkswagen Engine Overhaul Kits

The other option is our full Volkswagen engine overhaul kit. Like the first option, this engine overhaul kit contains the pistons and rings, engine bearings, freeze plugs, and full sealing set that your Volkswagen needs, however, it also contains an oil pump kit and timing kit with chain for a complete engine overhaul. This is the full-service overhaul kit for Volkswagens and the complete package if you are looking to get every aspect of your Volkswagen engine working like new.

Next Day Shipping On Volkswagen Engine Rebuild Kits

Partsology has the fastest shipping in the industry, and we are capable of getting your Volkswagen engine rebuild kit to you on the next business day. None of our competitors can match this lightning fast shipping and we pride ourselves on providing you with not only the best parts, but the best service as well. Don’t wait 3-4 days to get your engine rebuild kit, order from and have it the next day so you can get your vehicle back on the road.


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