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Warranty and Disclaimer


All DNJ Parts carry a limited 12 month or 12,000 mile warranty whichever occurs first. Claims for warranty must be made by the original purchaser direct from DNJ Engine Components, Inc. This warranty is limited to the replacement of a defective product only. Any alleged defective products must be returned to DNJ Engine Com-ponents, Inc, Inc for inspection for warranty to be approved. Any claim will not be settled until past due accounts are brought up to date. DNJ Engine Components, Inc, Inc will not be responsible for any labor, towing, fluids, freon, filters, lodging, car or truck rental. Any item returned to DNJ Engine Components, Inc., for credit must be sent by the original purchaser, and must be accompanied by a DNJ Engine Components, Inc., RGA (Return Goods Authorization) number. An RGA (Return Goods Authorization) number must be obtained by contacting DNJ Engine Components, Inc Technical Department,before attempting to return any new part or warranty part. When contacting DNJ Engine Components, Inc Technical Department, itis important to have ready: DNJ Account number, Date of original purchase, Invoice number, and DNJ part number, anexplanation of the problem, and the mileage at the time of installation and mileage at the time of failure. Returns will not beaccepted, unless they are accompanied with all the information stated above. DNJ Engine Components, Inc.,’ warranty impliesthat any claim regarding a part is subject to only the replacement of the alleged defective part.No claim will be paid on water pumps. The maximum labor on a claim to be paid is $300.00.



All statements, descriptions, information, and recommendations in this catalog and in any of our electronic catalogs,including our website, are based on a rigorous informational quality control system. While DNJ Engine Components, Inc, Inc believes the information and data are cor-rect, DNJ Engine Components, Inc, Inc does not warrant the accuracy of the information and data contained herein and specifically disclaims any and all liability arising from error, omissions, or consequential harm resulting there from. The installer is liable and holds the responsibility of assuring that the new part matches the old part before proceeding with the installation. No part will be warranted if used in high performance applications, racing applications, and industrial applications. DNJ Engine Components, Inc. always recommends that the installer inspect the condition of all related components that pertain to the job, when replacing a part, in order to avoid failure of these components, in the future. Failure to do so may result in the failure of the new part installed, and voiding the warranty. DNJ Engine Components, Inc’ warranty is not transferrable and is only valid to the original pur-chaser.