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What’s That Smell? Identify and Fix a Valve Cover Gasket Oil Leak

Posted by Michael Manning on

Don’t Let Your Engine Run Low On Oil – It Can Cause Serious Engine Damage The smell of burning oil, an engine that is running rough or has a rough idle, or your engine oil is low when checking with the oil dipstick, are all signs that you may have an oil leak. But where is the oil leaking from? Usually, you will find spots of oil under the car on your street or driveway when parked. The location of that oil spot is often the first indication of what is leaking under the hood. If the leak is near...

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Quality Auto Parts Delivered the Next Day

Posted by Omar Chiodin on

Next Day Delivery On All Auto Parts – Free Shipping on Orders Over $75.00 Too Busy? Got a list of projects and tasks you need to get done? The porch needs painting, the grass needs to be cut, you have that leaky pipe in the basement, and of course you have that car in the driveway your “going to get to” but you never have time to make it to the parts store.  We understand exactly what you are going through. Just not enough hours in the day to get it all done. This is just one of a hundred...

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