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Diagnose a Bad Water Pump

Posted by Michael Manning on

Don’t Get Stranded In The Middle Of Nowhere – Learn To Spot Issues Early

Some car parts are easier to spot early signs of failure than others and your water pump is one of them. At the first sign of a failing water pump, you should replace it. This is not a part that you want to fail while you are on the road or out in the middle of nowhere. You can get stranded real fast.

What are the symptoms of a bad water pump?

Weeping “Weep Holes”

The first sign of a failing water pump is water leaking from the “weep holes” on the water pump. Water pumps have weep holes bored into them beyond the seal. This is so if the seal fails, water or engine coolant will leak from that hole, letting you know the seal has gone bad. A worn or damaged water pump seal is the most common reason a water pump fails.

Look for the water to spray out of the hole when the engine is running or dripping water from the front of the engine.

If a water pump seal goes bad and isn’t addressed, the bearing surfaces will likely go bad next. That will lead to total water pump failure and the water pump will have to be replaced.

Mechanic’s Note: We wish all parts came with such an advanced warning system but since they don’t take advantage of the weep holes on your water pump and look for signs of a bad water pump, whenever you change your oil or some other regular maintenance schedule. It only takes a second and it can save you some money.

Be Proactive With Leaking Coolant

Inspect your engine for coolant leaks: If you suspect that your seals are worn or damaged, or your weep hole has a leak, you need to locate where the leak originated from and inspect for other signs that indicate a coolant leak.

Water Pump Replacements

By now you have determined that not only do you have a coolant leak but that the cause of the leak is your water pump. Get everything you need to replace a faulty water pump at Partsology.com. If you order by 3pm, you get your auto parts order the next day.

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